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seeds-nuts food list

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nuts raw acorns

nuts dried acorns

acorn flour

full fat acorn flour


nuts almonds

nuts blanched almonds

nuts oil roasted almonds

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nuts honey roasted almonds


nuts dried beechnuts


nuts dried brazilnuts


nuts dried butternuts

chestnuts chinese

nuts raw chestnuts chinese

nuts dried chestnuts chinese

nuts boiled and steamed chestnuts chinese

nuts roasted chestnuts chinese

chestnuts japanese

nuts dried chestnuts japanese

nuts raw chestnuts japanese

nuts boiled and steamed chestnuts japanese

nuts roasted chestnuts japanese

coconut meat

raw coconut meat

dried coconut meat

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coconut cream

raw (liquid expressed from grated meat) coconut cream

canned coconut cream

coconut milk

raw (liquid expressed from grated meat and water) coconut milk

canned (liquid expressed from grated meat and water) coconut milk

frozen (liquid expressed from grated meat and water) coconut milk

coconut water

(liquid from coconuts) coconut water

hazelnuts or filberts

nuts hazelnuts or filberts

nuts blanched hazelnuts or filberts

nuts dry roasted hazelnuts or filberts

ginkgo nuts

nuts raw ginkgo nuts

nuts dried ginkgo nuts

nuts canned ginkgo nuts


nuts dried hickorynuts

mixed nuts

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oil roasted mixed nuts

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