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Moon Phase Julian Calculator

Enter a date or julian number to see the phase of the moon associated with that date.

Julian day numbers are a useful tool for calculating dates. Basically, solar days are numbered sequncially from Monday, January 1, 4713 BC using, coincidentally, the Julian calendar. Nearly 2-1/2 million days have transpired since then.

Our calculator converts the Julian Day Number to standard dates of the Julian or Gregorian dating systems. Convention dictates that after 1582, when Pope Gregory made changes to the system established by Julius Caesar, the Gregorian Calendar is employed. The prolectic Julian calendar is used for all dates between 1582 and the beginning of time.

A Julian Day calculator can be used to easily find dates. For example, you make a contract covering exactly 120 days. You could mark off days on a calendar, but what if you needed to know the date 1200 days or more? Or suppose you want to know what day of the week you were born. All of the calculations become quite simple using this type of date converter.