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Sugar, Sweets and Candy Nutrition Data

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sugar-candy food list

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granulated sugars

brown sugars

powdered sugars

maple sugars

turbinado sugars


tabletop sweeteners

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syrup sweeteners

herbal extract powder from stevia leaf sweeteners


almond joy candy bar candies

twizzlers candies

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nestle candies

SHOW MORE nestle candies Listings

butterscotch candies

caramels candies

SHOW MORE caramels candies Listings

caramello candy bar candies

confectioners coating candies

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chocolate candies

SHOW MORE chocolate candies Listings

milk chocolate candies

SHOW MORE milk chocolate candies Listings

milk chocolate coated peanuts candies

milk chocolate coated raisins candies

hershey candies

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york peppermint pattie candies

symphony milk chocolate bar candies

5th avenue candy bar candies

fudge candies

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jellybeans candies

marshmallows candies

halavah candies

peanut bar candies

sesame crunch candies

krackel chocolate bar candies

mars candies

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skor toffee bar candies

mounds candy bar candies

mr. goodbar chocolate bar candies

reeses candies

SHOW MORE reeses candies Listings

rolo caramels in milk chocolate candies

whatchamacallit candy bar candies

york bites candies

heath bites candies

sugar-coated almonds candies

crispy bar with peanut butter filling candies

Ice Cream

vanilla ice cream

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french vanilla ice cream

chocolate ice cream

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strawberry ice cream

breyers ice cream

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orange sherbet


table blends syrups

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chocolate syrups

SHOW MORE chocolate syrups Listings

corn syrups

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malt syrups

sorghum syrups

grenadine syrups

dietetic syrups

cane syrups