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granulated sugars facts

brown sugars facts

powdered sugars facts

maple sugars facts

turbinado sugars facts


tabletop sweeteners facts

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sugar substitute sweeteners facts

syrup sweeteners facts

herbal extract powder from stevia leaf sweeteners facts


almond joy candy bar candies facts

twizzlers candies facts

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nestle candies facts

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butterscotch candies facts

carob candies facts

caramels candies facts

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caramello candy bar candies facts

confectioners coating candies facts

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chocolate candies facts

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milk chocolate candies facts

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milk chocolate coated peanuts candies facts

milk chocolate coated raisins candies facts

hershey candies facts

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york peppermint pattie candies facts

symphony milk chocolate bar candies facts

5th avenue candy bar candies facts

fudge candies facts

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jellybeans candies facts

marshmallows candies facts

halavah candies facts

peanut bar candies facts

peanut brittle candies facts

sesame crunch candies facts

nougat candies facts

krackel chocolate bar candies facts

mars candies facts

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skor toffee bar candies facts

mounds candy bar candies facts

mr. goodbar chocolate bar candies facts

reeses candies facts

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rolo caramels in milk chocolate candies facts

whatchamacallit candy bar candies facts

york bites candies facts

heath bites candies facts

sugar-coated almonds candies facts

crispy bar with peanut butter filling candies facts

Ice Cream

vanilla ice cream facts

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french vanilla ice cream facts

chocolate ice cream facts

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strawberry ice cream facts

breyers ice cream facts

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orange sherbet facts


table blends syrups facts

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chocolate syrups facts

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corn syrups facts

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malt syrups facts

sorghum syrups facts

grenadine syrups facts

dietetic syrups facts

cane syrups facts


banana puddings facts

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chocolate puddings facts

SHOW MORE chocolate puddings Listings

coconut cream puddings facts

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rice puddings facts

SHOW MORE rice puddings Listings

tapioca puddings facts

SHOW MORE tapioca puddings Listings

vanilla puddings facts

SHOW MORE vanilla puddings Listings

lemon puddings facts

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strawberry toppings facts

butterscotch or caramel toppings facts

marshmallow cream toppings facts

pineapple toppings facts

nuts in syrup toppings facts

Chewing Gum

sugarless chewing gum facts


dry powder cocoa facts

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Egg custards

dry mix egg custards facts

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Gelatin Dessert

dry mix gelatin dessert facts

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dry powder gelatins facts


caramel custard flan facts

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Frozen Pop

ice type frozen pop facts

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fruit and juice bars frozen pop facts

juice type frozen pop facts

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no sugar added frozen pop facts

fat free fudgesicle bars frozen pop facts

klondike frozen pop facts

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no sugar added creamsicle pops frozen pop facts

sugar free frozen pop facts

ice cream type frozen pop facts

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chocolate frostings facts

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coconut-nut frostings facts

cream cheese-flavor frostings facts

vanilla frostings facts

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Frozen Yogurts

vanilla frozen yogurts facts

chocolate frozen yogurts facts

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flavors other than chocolate frozen yogurts facts

Fruit Butters

apple fruit butters facts

Jams and Preserves

apricot jams and preserves facts

dietetic (with sodium saccharin) jams and preserves facts


reduced sugar jellies facts


orange marmalade facts


unsweetened pectin facts

liquid pectin facts

Pie Fillings

apple pie fillings facts

canned pie fillings facts

cherry pie fillings facts

blueberry pie fillings facts


apple crisp desserts facts

rennin desserts facts

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dark chocolate facts

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Milk dessert


seed gums (includes locust bean gums facts

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Primary compilation data:
US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Nutrient Data Laboratory.
USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 27. Current: August 2014.

Phytonutients are chemical properties in plants that provide protection from disease and free radicals. The Bible diet plant foods are rich in phyto chemicals and a great source of antioxidants and fiber while low in fats and cholesterol.

Seven Rainbow Colors
1. red 5. blue
2. orange 6. indigo
3. yellow 7. violet
4. green
Seven Basic Nutrients
1. Vitamins 5. Fats
2. Minerals 6. Fiber
3. Carbohydrates 7. Water
4. Proteins
Seven Health Needs
1. Exercise
2. Simple diet
3. Sunshine
4. Rest
5. Pure Water
6. Clean air
7. Daily Communion