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beef tallow fat facts

mutton tallow fat facts

chicken fat facts

duck fat facts

turkey fat facts

goose fat facts

bacon grease fat facts

meat drippings (lard - beef tallow - mutton tallow) fat facts

Salad Dressing

sesame seed dressing salad dressing facts

thousand island salad dressing facts

mayonnaise salad dressing facts

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mayonnaise-like salad dressing facts

french dressing salad dressing facts

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italian dressing salad dressing facts

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home recipe salad dressing facts

blue or roquefort cheese dressing salad dressing facts

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ranch dressing salad dressing facts

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honey mustard dressing salad dressing facts

spray-style dressing salad dressing facts

honey mustard salad dressing facts

poppyseed salad dressing facts

peppercorn dressing salad dressing facts

coleslaw dressing salad dressing facts

caesar dressing salad dressing facts

coleslaw salad dressing facts

green goddess salad dressing facts

sweet and sour salad dressing facts

blue or roquefort cheese salad dressing facts

buttermilk salad dressing facts

bacon and tomato salad dressing facts

creamy dressing salad dressing facts

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Sandwich spread

with chopped pickle sandwich spread facts


reduced-calorie or diet mayonnaise facts

made with tofu mayonnaise facts

low sodium mayonnaise facts

reduced fat mayonnaise facts


vegetable shortening facts

industrial shortening facts

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frying (heavy duty) shortening facts

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Fish Oil

cod liver fish oil facts

herring fish oil facts

salmon fish oil facts

sardine fish oil facts


almond oil facts

apricot kernel oil facts

avocado oil facts

babassu oil facts

canola oil facts

cocoa butter oil facts

corn and canola oil facts

cottonseed oil facts

coconut oil facts

cupu assu oil facts

grapeseed oil facts

hazelnut oil facts

mustard oil facts

nutmeg butter oil facts

oat oil facts

palm oil facts

pam cooking spray oil facts

poppyseed oil facts

rice bran oil facts

sheanut oil facts

soybean oil facts

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soybean lecithin oil facts

sunflower oil facts

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teaseed oil facts

tomatoseed oil facts

ucuhuba butter oil facts

walnut oil facts

wheat germ oil facts

industrial canola oil facts

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industrial coconut oil facts

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industrial cottonseed oil facts

industrial soy oil facts

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industrial palm kernel oil facts

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industrial mid-oleic oil facts


alt butter facts

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regular margarine facts

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vegetable oil margarine-like facts

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spread margarine-like facts

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vegetable oil-butter spread margarine-like facts

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Primary compilation data:
US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Nutrient Data Laboratory.
USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 27. Current: August 2014.

Phytonutients are chemical properties in plants that provide protection from disease and free radicals. The Bible diet plant foods are rich in phyto chemicals and a great source of antioxidants and fiber while low in fats and cholesterol.

Seven Rainbow Colors
1. red 5. blue
2. orange 6. indigo
3. yellow 7. violet
4. green
Seven Basic Nutrients
1. Vitamins 5. Fats
2. Minerals 6. Fiber
3. Carbohydrates 7. Water
4. Proteins
Seven Health Needs
1. Exercise
2. Simple diet
3. Sunshine
4. Rest
5. Pure Water
6. Clean air
7. Daily Communion