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Water Tap

drinking water tap facts

well water tap facts

municipal water tap facts

Water Bottled

generic water bottled facts

non-carbonated brands water bottled facts

SHOW MORE non carbonated brands water bottled Listings

naturally sparkling water bottled facts

variety water bottled facts

SHOW MORE variety water bottled Listings


whey protein powder isolate beverages facts

orange juice beverages facts

protein powder whey based beverages facts

protein powder soy based beverages facts

coconut water beverages facts

beef broth and tomato juice beverages facts

clam and tomato juice beverages facts

nutritional shake mix beverages facts

Beverages ABBOTT

eas whey protein powder beverages abbott facts

eas soy protein powder beverages abbott facts

ensure plus beverages abbott facts


muscle milk beverages cytosport facts


Beverages SLIMFAST

Beverages KELLOGGS

special k protein shake beverages kelloggs facts

special k20 beverages kelloggs facts


glacial natural spring water beverages icelandic facts

Beverages PEPSICO

mountain dew beverages pepsico facts

mountain dew original beverages pepsico facts

Beverages OVALTINE

classic malt powder beverages ovaltine facts

chocolate malt powder beverages ovaltine facts

Beverages Orange-flavor drink

breakfast type beverages orange-flavor drink facts


gatorade g2 beverages pepsico quaker facts

Beverages COCA-COLA

Beverages Propel Zero

fruit-flavored beverages propel zero facts

Beverages Powerade Zero Ion4

calorie-free beverages powerade zero ion4 facts

Beverages Horchata

as served in restaurant beverages horchata facts

Carbonated Beverage

club soda carbonated beverage facts

cream soda carbonated beverage facts

ginger ale carbonated beverage facts

grape soda carbonated beverage facts

low calorie carbonated beverage facts

SHOW MORE low calorie carbonated beverage Listings

lemon-lime soda carbonated beverage facts

cola carbonated beverage facts

SHOW MORE cola carbonated beverage Listings

orange carbonated beverage facts

pepper-type carbonated beverage facts

tonic water carbonated beverage facts

root beer carbonated beverage facts

chocolate-flavored soda carbonated beverage facts


green tea tea facts

SHOW MORE green tea tea Listings

ready-to-drink tea facts

SHOW MORE ready to drink tea Listings

black tea facts

SHOW MORE black tea Listings

instant tea facts

SHOW MORE instant tea Listings

hibiscus tea tea facts

Chocolate Syrup

chocolate- chocolate syrup facts

prepared with whole milk chocolate syrup facts


beverage mix chocolate-flavor facts

SHOW MORE beverage mix chocolate flavor Listings

drink chocolate-flavor facts

chocolate powder chocolate-flavor facts


instant regular coffee facts

SHOW MORE instant regular coffee Listings

instant with sugar coffee facts

substitute coffee facts

SHOW MORE substitute coffee Listings


cranberry-apricot juice drink cranberry facts

cranberry-grape juice drink cranberry facts

cranberry juice cocktail cranberry facts

SHOW MORE cranberry juice cocktail cranberry Listings

Eggnog-flavor mix


powder lemonade facts

SHOW MORE powder lemonade Listings

frozen concentrate lemonade facts

SHOW MORE frozen concentrate lemonade Listings


frozen concentrate limeade facts


drink mix malted facts

SHOW MORE drink mix malted Listings


mixed vegetable and fruit juice drink drink facts

fruit punch drink drink facts

SHOW MORE fruit punch drink drink Listings

grape drink drink facts

grape juice drink drink facts

orange drink drink facts

SHOW MORE orange drink drink Listings

orange and apricot juice drink drink facts

orange-flavor drink drink facts

SHOW MORE orange flavor drink drink Listings

fruit flavored drink facts

SHOW MORE fruit flavored drink Listings


smoothies v8 splash facts

SHOW MORE smoothies v8 splash Listings

juice drinks v8 splash facts

SHOW MORE juice drinks v8 splash Listings


juices v8 v. fusion facts

SHOW MORE juices v8 v. fusion Listings

Alcoholic beverage

beer alcoholic beverage facts

SHOW MORE beer alcoholic beverage Listings

tequila sunrise alcoholic beverage facts

whiskey sour alcoholic beverage facts

SHOW MORE whiskey sour alcoholic beverage Listings

whiskey sour mix alcoholic beverage facts

SHOW MORE whiskey sour mix alcoholic beverage Listings

creme de menthe alcoholic beverage facts

distilled alcoholic beverage facts

SHOW MORE distilled alcoholic beverage Listings

wine alcoholic beverage facts

SHOW MORE wine alcoholic beverage Listings

wine table - all alcoholic beverage facts

red wine alcoholic beverage facts

SHOW MORE red wine alcoholic beverage Listings

white wine alcoholic beverage facts

SHOW MORE white wine alcoholic beverage Listings

liqueur alcoholic beverage facts

SHOW MORE liqueur alcoholic beverage Listings

rice (sake) alcoholic beverage facts


wine non-alcoholic facts

cocktail mix non-alcoholic facts

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Primary compilation data:
US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Nutrient Data Laboratory.
USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 27. Current: August 2014.

Phytonutients are chemical properties in plants that provide protection from disease and free radicals. The Bible diet plant foods are rich in phyto chemicals and a great source of antioxidants and fiber while low in fats and cholesterol.

Seven Rainbow Colors
1. red 5. blue
2. orange 6. indigo
3. yellow 7. violet
4. green
Seven Basic Nutrients
1. Vitamins 5. Fats
2. Minerals 6. Fiber
3. Carbohydrates 7. Water
4. Proteins
Seven Health Needs
1. Exercise
2. Simple diet
3. Sunshine
4. Rest
5. Pure Water
6. Clean air
7. Daily Communion