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dairy-egg food list

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salted butter

without salt butter

Butter oil

anhydrous butter oil


blue cheese

brick cheese

brie cheese

camembert cheese

caraway cheese

cheddar cheese

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cheshire cheese

colby cheese

cream cheese

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edam cheese

feta cheese

fontina cheese

gjetost cheese

gouda cheese

gruyere cheese

limburger cheese

monterey cheese

mozzarella cheese

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neufchatel cheese

parmesan cheese

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port de salut cheese

romano cheese

roquefort cheese

swiss cheese

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tilsit cheese

goat cheese

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pasteurized process cheese

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cheeses cheese

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food or substitute cheese

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Cheese cottage

lowfat cheese cottage

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with vegetables cheese cottage

Cheese sauce

prepared from recipe cheese sauce

Cheese spread

pasteurized process cheese spread

american or cheddar cheese base cheese spread

cream cheese base cheese spread


kraft kraft

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fluid cream

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substitute cream

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