Food List of Bakery Foods

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Bread, Cookies and Bakery Nutrition Data

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plain bagels

SHOW MORE plain bagels Listings

egg bagels

oat bran bagels

wheat bagels


plain or buttermilk biscuits

SHOW MORE plain or buttermilk biscuits Listings


boston brown bread

cornbread bread

SHOW MORE cornbread bread Listings

cracked-wheat bread

french or vienna (includes sourdough) bread

italian bread

multi-grain (includes whole-grain) bread

pita bread

SHOW MORE pita bread Listings

protein (includes gluten) bread

raisin bread

SHOW MORE raisin bread Listings

reduced-calorie bread

SHOW MORE reduced calorie bread Listings

wheat bread

SHOW MORE wheat bread Listings

wheat bran bread

white bread

SHOW MORE white bread Listings

whole-wheat bread

SHOW MORE whole wheat bread Listings

salvadoran sweet cheese (quesadilla salvadorena) bread

potato bread

cheese bread

focaccia italian flatbread bread

garlic bread bread

Bread sticks

plain bread sticks


cherry fudge with chocolate frosting cake

chocolate cake

SHOW MORE chocolate cake Listings

white cake

SHOW MORE white cake Listings

pound cake

SHOW MORE pound cake Listings

snack cakes cake

SHOW MORE snack cakes cake Listings

yellow cake

SHOW MORE yellow cake Listings

mix cake

SHOW MORE mix cake Listings


cheese coffeecake

cinnamon with crumb topping coffeecake

SHOW MORE cinnamon with crumb topping coffeecake Listings

creme-filled with chocolate frosting coffeecake

fruit coffeecake

Cheesecake prepared from mix

no-bake type cheesecake prepared from mix


brownies cookies

SHOW MORE brownies cookies Listings

chocolate wafers cookies

chocolate chip cookies

SHOW MORE chocolate chip cookies Listings

chocolate sandwich cookies

SHOW MORE chocolate sandwich cookies Listings

coconut macaroon cookies

fig bars cookies

fortune cookies

gingersnaps cookies

graham crackers cookies

SHOW MORE graham crackers cookies Listings

molasses cookies

oatmeal cookies

SHOW MORE oatmeal cookies Listings

peanut butter cookies

SHOW MORE peanut butter cookies Listings

sugar cookies

SHOW MORE sugar cookies Listings

vanilla cookies

SHOW MORE vanilla cookies Listings


cheese crackers

SHOW MORE cheese crackers Listings

crispbread crackers

matzo crackers

SHOW MORE matzo crackers Listings

melba toast crackers

SHOW MORE melba toast crackers Listings

milk crackers

rusk toast crackers

rye crackers

SHOW MORE rye crackers Listings

saltines (includes oyster crackers

standard snack-type crackers

SHOW MORE standard snack type crackers Listings

wheat crackers

SHOW MORE wheat crackers Listings

whole-wheat crackers

SHOW MORE whole wheat crackers Listings

saltines crackers

SHOW MORE saltines crackers Listings

multigrain crackers

Cinnamon buns

frosted (includes honey buns) cinnamon buns


butter croissants

apple croissants

cheese croissants


plain croutons

seasoned croutons


cake-type doughnuts

SHOW MORE cake type doughnuts Listings

french crullers doughnuts

yeast-leavened doughnuts

SHOW MORE yeast leavened doughnuts Listings